EC Tribe

How To Earn EC Points & Coins

  • Tournaments: Attending tournaments will help you earn points. The higher you rank in the tournament, the more EC points and coins you will earn.
  • Group Lessons: Joining group lessons will also earn you EC points and coins. The more you participate the more bonus points and coins you can earn from your coach.
  • ChessTribe Events: You can earn double points by joining paid online events via the Elite Chess Shop on ChessTribe (such as tournaments, group lessons, Simuls, and GM Workshops).

Coupons & Rewards

  • By earning EC Points you also earn EC Coins. These can be used to buy coupons which you can redeem for rewards in the EC Shop on ChessTribe.
  • NB: Coupons cannot be stacked-up in order to get bigger discounts on rewards. Make sure you claim the correct coupon and use it immediately to redeem your reward in the shop.