Points System

Getting Started

Points System

The goal of ChessTribe is to level up your Chess Game by earning Points, Coins, Achievements, and Ranks.

In order to level up your rank, you need to earn all the achievements needed to level up. You can earn achievements by doing specific tasks in exchange for points, which will help you unlock achievements.

Each ChessTribe Group has their own game and points system which you can see by visiting the “Points” page on each respective Group. Group Directors will award you points by transferring them to your account once you complete the needed tasks to earn them. Once you earn points in their game you will show up on their leaderboard. You will get updates of opportunities to earn points in the News Feed of each group.

Each Group also has its own shop where you can spend your coins. You will earn Coins for completing tasks and earning points, achievements, and ranks. You can use your coins to purchase coupons which you can then redeem for rewards in their shop.


ChessTribe also has its own game and points system called “Tribo” where you can earn Tribo Points and Tribo Coins to level up and claim rewards.

There are a number of ways you can earn Tribo Points and Coins, which you can see below. The more Tribo points and coins you have, the more ChessTribe events and activities you will be able to participate in. There will also be special prizes for those who reach the top of the Tribo Leaderboard each month.

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